Rebirth the city of Agrigento
Through our projects, we actively contribute to the renaissance and revitalization of our city, playing a key role in driving positive change and fostering a thriving community in Agrigento.
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Empowering Agrigento's International Integration
Erasmus+ Initiatives Driving Change and Facilitating a Welcoming Environment for Incoming Students.
What do we do for interns ?

Since May 2019, TTT Association is a Local Base for ActionAid International Italia, which ensures permanent training, technical support and access to an international network. Furthermore, the Association helps students and recent graduates in their professional and entrepreneurial training, playing the role of an intermediary between local youths and companies in the process of entering the workforce.

Our purposes

International Mobility

Through the Erasmus+ program, TTT promotes exchanges between international universities and associations, companies, and public bodies in the Agrigento area, always on the lookout for the most diverse job profiles. Moreover, TTT is a partner of many training centers in the province and beyond. If you want to work with us, contact us!

Social Planning

Social planning is at the heart of TTT’s activities. By participating in national and international calls for tenders, we try to have a real impact on the life of our community by promoting actions in favor of social integration, urban regeneration, business start-up funding, and much more. If you want to know more, write to us!


TTT actively participates in all initiatives aimed at radically improving community life. Awareness campaigns and social integration promotion provide an opportunity to play an active role in shaping the world we desire. If you have an initiative to propose, come and join us!


TTT helps students and recent graduates in their professionnal and entrepreunrial training, playling the role of an intermediary between local youths and companies in the process of entering the workforce.





Take the leap and become part of our passionate community, where your unique talents and ideas can make a difference. Join us now and let’s create positive change together! What are you waiting for?


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