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Discover the essence of Tierra, Techo, Trabajo Aps (TTT) - a passionate team of young people dedicated to the social and cultural development of Agrigento.

Officially founded in February 2019, Tierra, Techo, Trabajo Aps (TTT) is a dynamic social advocacy association led by a passionate group of young people. Our main focus is the social and cultural rebirth of Agrigento.

Our missions

Our mission is to drive social and cultural transformation in Agrigento. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to empower the community, promote civic engagement, revitalize urban areas, foster economic growth and create meaningful opportunities for the residents of the city.

At TTT we believe in the power of citizen involvement and transparency in governance. We actively promote administrative transparency and encourage citizens to participate in decision-making processes. By amplifying community voices, we are committed to creating an inclusive and democratic environment where the needs and aspirations of all residents are heard and addressed.

We are committed to recovering and revitalizing Agrigento's underused spaces. Through strategic planning and collaboration, we transform these neglected areas into vibrant centers for cultural exchange and community interaction. Our goal is to create welcoming spaces that foster a sense of belonging, revitalizing the social fabric of the city.

TTT actively participates in the design and implementation of initiatives focused on the revitalization and redevelopment of the degraded urban areas of Agrigento. By working closely with local authorities, organizations and community members, we contribute to the social and cultural redevelopment of these areas. Our efforts aim to improve their livability, restore vitality and create environments that reflect the aspirations and needs of the community.

We are dedicated to promoting the territorial development and economic growth of Agrigento. By attracting investment and creating job opportunities, we are committed to promoting sustainable progress and improving community well-being. Our goal is to harness Agrigento's unique potential to create a prosperous future for its residents.

TTT recognizes the importance of work activation for social development. We actively work to offer job opportunities and empower people in Agrigento. By creating avenues for professional growth and economic empowerment, we contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the city and its residents.

Our Members: The passionate people who make up our TTT team

Strengthen Agrigento through high-impact projects

With a shared vision of revitalizing our community, we channel our energies and skills into high-impact projects that contribute to the overall development of Agrigento. Through our collective efforts, we aim to create a thriving environment that promotes social cohesion, cultural exchange and sustainable progress.

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Enrich global connections and enhance youth mobility

In addition to our local initiatives, since 2020 TTT has also assumed the role of reference organization for international mobility in Agrigento. We are proud to be the point of reference for people seeking meaningful experiences abroad, providing support, guidance and international mobility opportunities in our city.

By connecting young people from Agrigento with global networks and facilitating intercultural exchanges, we are committed to broadening horizons, fostering understanding and creating a more interconnected world. Together, we work to build bridges, forge new partnerships and embrace the richness of diversity.

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