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    For this position we are looking for someone capable of working in the creation of video content, video animation, and images to be used for social and web pages. The ideal candidate has knowledge in 2D programs such as After Effects, Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator or 3D programs such as Cinema 4D, MODO, 3D Studio, Maya, Blender.

    TTT collaborates with many associations and companies linked to the promotion and management of tourism in the city of Agrigento; the ideal candidate has a good command of the English language and at least one second language and a great spirit of initiative!

    TTT works together with museums and foundations that promote the historical/artistic heritage of the city. The ideal candidate has a good command of English and a second language (possibly Italian), good communication and teamwork skills.

    Many companies and commercial activities in our city are looking for international students able to help in the development and marketing of products to be placed on the web market and beyond; the ideal candidate knows English and a second language.

    For this position our association is looking for people capable of managing and promoting our presence and that of our partners on the web, with particular attention to the development of social pages; the ideal candidate must possess a great spirit of initiative and know English and a second language.

    Design is the beating heart of our association and of many of the partners we work with. For this position we are looking for someone who has experience in writing and implementing projects, requesting funds, participating in international tenders and managing the projects themselves. The candidate must also know English.

    As part of the development projects in which our association is involved, we are looking for people who want to work in international cooperation, particularly in the field of social integration of foreigners and migrants. For this position we are looking for someone who has both theoretical knowledge, capable of developing international cooperation projects, and direct management of centers and associations in this sector. The ideal candidate knows English as well as a second language.

    The TTT works closely with bodies and associations supporting people in the healthcare sector. The candidate may decide to work with people with disabilities, children with difficulties or the elderly and knows English and a second language.

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