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Explore the revitalization of Agrigento's old municipal library as TTT transforms it into a modern digital hub and community laboratory.

TTT is actively engaged in the development of the renovated library, curating a wide range of cultural programs and services that promote community engagement, learning and the celebration of local heritage.

Co-financed by Fondazione con il Sud as part of the 2019 “Libraries and Community” tender, the project involves the transformation of the ancient municipal library of the Villaseta district of Agrigento into a modern digital library and the creation of a laboratory community for the participatory planning of the strengthening and expansion of services, as well as cultural activities aimed at enhancing and promoting the territory, in the name of inclusion and combating any form of marginalization.

Revitalizing the library: the role of TTT in transforming a knowledge space

TTT actively participated in the renovation of the old municipal library in the Villaseta district of Agrigento. As part of the project, TTT contributed to the development and technical drafting of the project, collaborating with partners under the guidance of AICS.

TTT members were responsible for implementing the monitoring and evaluation plan, as well as the evaluation and reporting plan. Through their participation, TTT has played a significant role in transforming the space into a modern digital library and community laboratory for inclusive cultural activities, strengthening the community and fighting against marginalization.

Explore the Library's range of activities

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities in our renovated Villaseta library. Discover a wide range of activities, including board games, a large collection of books, gaming consoles such as Xbox and Switch, a dedicated games room and even a recording studio for urban music. Whether you're a book lover, a gaming enthusiast, or an aspiring musician, our library offers a wide range of options to suit your interests. Come in and embark on an exciting journey of entertainment, learning and creativity.

Some examples of activities

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